We specialise in building websites using great images, graphic tools, programming and award-winning CMS technologies.
Our consultants are very experienced and will help you understand how to leverage a website design for your business needs. We are very budget focused without compromising on latest design trends and quality

Cost Effective & Dynamic Designs That Are Easy To Adopt With Your Business Growth

Our team has delivered a huge range of projects; Small to large brochure-ware, Mid-size corporate sites, Small to mid-range e-commerce, Social networking and membership sites, Multilingual and multi-instance sites, Prototyping and proof-of-concepts.

We provide end-to-end services for the complete production cycle and then beyond launch, with full product support services.

  • Consultation: We listen to your needs and together drive at a concept to meet your goals.
  • Site audits: Looking into your present solution and where necessary,  deploy an update.
  • Design: Blueprinting the concept.
  • Construction: Producing a template for your approval.
  • Development: Testing of pages, features and integrations.
  • Contents: Content creation or migration.
  • Support: fully-managed hosting, support, and maintenance

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Designed with cloud technology to provide affordable managed hosting with instant provisioning.

StandardThe normal price
Server I
500 GB (RAID 1) Space
Dual core 2.3 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
5 TB/month Traffic
3 MB Cache
Free Domain Name
3 Free IPs
CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)
£ 149.99/month Order now
EnhancedThe most popular
Server II
1000 GB (RAID 1) Space
Quad core 2.5 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
10 TB/month Traffic
8 MB Cache
Free Domain Name
4 Free IPs
CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)
£ 199.99/month Order now
PremiumFor fanatics
Server III
1000 GB (RAID 1) Space
Quad core 3.3 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
15 TB/month Traffic
8 MB Cache
Free Domain Name
5 Free IPs
CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)
£ 249.99/month Order now
We don't cut corners, we define them.
KotechPower dedicated servers are custom-built with the best components and software, such as industrial-grade Intel® Xeon processors and cutting-edge CentOS. Our engineers monitor and maintain our servers 24/7 to ensure the power you need is always available.
And advanced cloud technology like OpenStack and KVM sets the stage for continuous upgrades and enhancements.
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