our specialist and unique  equipment branding service add great value to your business image. Your brand is a whole package from telephone ethics, reception, website, staff to office furniture.
We provide customized IT equipment service. Our workshop can take your old equipment for refurbishment at a manageable cost or install new ones. Whether it is your company's logo, themes or colour, we would help you create a working environment that would leave visitors in awe and help motivate and increase staff productivity.


Cost effectively committed to help your growth through technology

We offer a range of services and plans for smaller businesses enabling the advantage of tapping into the very latest enterprise grade solutions at an economical rate.
We would guide you throughout the process. Pay As You Go, Planning and implementation, hire a specialist, remote service or in-house service, whatever you seek our highly trained and skilled engineers guarantees your satisfaction.

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Striving to helping companies derive the maximum from technology

The combination of clients and investors demand can sometimes create overwhelming challenges in a technically advanced, ever evolving, highly competitive and extremely regulated sector. Information Technology in itself can present additional sets of problems if not structured professionally leading to unexpected or negative business outcome.
Change, whether planned or not is an ever continuous factor of a corporate environment. KotechPower has a robust experience in designing systems from scratch with the anticipation of overcoming problems associated with a company’s social, technical and external dynamics. Also, we have an impressive record of successfully dealing with obstacles caused by already installed systems and highly skilled in providing instant solutions when required.
Our core attribute comprises of a professional consultation, effective project planning, acutely calculated implementation, friendly training and responsive support service.

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Designed with cloud technology to provide affordable managed hosting with instant provisioning.

StandardThe normal price
Server I
500 GB (RAID 1) Space
Dual core 2.3 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
5 TB/month Traffic
3 MB Cache
Free Domain Name
3 Free IPs
CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)
£ 149.99/month Order now
EnhancedThe most popular
Server II
1000 GB (RAID 1) Space
Quad core 2.5 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
10 TB/month Traffic
8 MB Cache
Free Domain Name
4 Free IPs
CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)
£ 199.99/month Order now
PremiumFor fanatics
Server III
1000 GB (RAID 1) Space
Quad core 3.3 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
15 TB/month Traffic
8 MB Cache
Free Domain Name
5 Free IPs
CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)
£ 249.99/month Order now
We don't cut corners, we define them. KotechPower dedicated servers are custom-built with the best components and software, such as industrial-grade Intel® Xeon processors and cutting-edge CentOS. Our engineers monitor and maintain our servers 24/7 to ensure the power you need is always available. Advanced cloud technology like OpenStack and KVM sets the stage for continuous upgrades and enhancements.